Economists Online

Digitising, organising, archiving and disseminating the complete academic output of leading international economists – providing as much full text as possible.

Economists Online complements the role of publishers in scholarly communication. It provides additional services through which universities and their libraries can support teachers and researchers in their work by archiving, promoting and disseminating their research results where publishers cannot.

The Economists Online Project has been designed with the interests of the researcher and information-professional in mind.

This a core service of the Nereus programme. It will include many more leading researchers from universities such as Oxford University, University College London, Carlos III Madrid, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Sciences Po Paris in the future. The Economists Online partner libraries will strive to give more access to full text journal articles, conference papers and book chapters in the future.

Other universities have recently joined Economist Online and will also offer more open access content in due course.

Near to seventy of Europe’s top economists’ complete research output spanning their whole careers are accessible and searchable in a new form. Although this is still in development, this gives an indication of the service to come. The service will be enhanced to give speedier access to material in 2016.